Knoll Gallery, Budapest - HU

part of ROAD SHOW EAST collective project.
on a proposal of Agnes Hamvas & Hubert Hasler / in co-operation with: Austrian Cultural Forum, Knoll Gallery Budapest, 12-14 Contemporary Gallery Vienna, Michaela Stock Gallery Vienna

Three Act Circle continues to explore the collective visual perspectives along side the other projects (Bringing Light 2015, Light Air Wind 2016, Horizons, dLight 2016). The actions of Noima Group started in 2015 are in the center of attention for Denise Parizek in what an international future project inspired by Wittgenstein’s theory of language is concerned.

This time, Noima started the collaborative design from the premise of a shared purpose-participating together in the design of a circle. The action is made up of three distinct moments each of them with their own design, coreography and specific materials and emphasising on different behavioral shades that often occur in collaborative tasks. Sorin Scurtulescu, Ciprian Bodea, Cosmin Frunteş and Andrei Rosetti have worked again without preestablished simulations and abiding by the set of rules agreed upon at present.

Special thanks: Agnes Hamvas & Hubert Hasler – artists / Denise Parizek - art historian and curator / Erzsébet Pilinger - Knoll Gallery, Budapest / Mr. Marius Gabriel Lazurca - Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Romania to Hungary / Gabriel Raul Kohn - Deputy Head of Mission (Embassy of Romania in Hungary)
Project hosts artists: Agnes Hamvas & Hubert Hasler

Sorin Scurtulescu, Cosmin Fruntes, Andrei Rosetti, Ciprian Bodea

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