Our group was founded in 2003 in the western Romania, with the goal to have an exchange. We are all painters but often working in different media - video, photography, installations or performances... We are trying to ignore the dictatorship of the latest cry, to have our special relationship with time and language. Inserted in the present without hesitation, we are also focused on the past that refuses to pass away.

In 2014 Noima decided to be not only a dialogue space between individual painting projects, but a visual environment, in which semiotic practices - actions - games may occur. Figuring our group as an organism, a living system and playing with the words life form - form of life, we are sometimes talking about the big (collective) eye, the tactile whiskers... in performative dialogues with the surrounding space. Drawing, painting, sharing visual experiences, changing perspectives and approaches, following game-moves and often a particular grammar, searching for collective visual perspectives in different contexts.

Noima current members: Sorin Scurtulescu, Andrei Rosetti, Ciprian Bodea, Dan Gherman, Cosmin Frunteş.
NOIMA Exhibitions (selection):

2020 SURVIVANTS (Diana Boldog & IESA arts&culture) - Galerie Joseph 16 Perche, Paris, FR
2020 Wittgenstein 2020 aqb – Purifying action, Art Quarter Budapest, HU
2019 Christmas (Evening), Galleria28, Timișoara, RO
2019 Wittgenstein 2019 – Report2 action-game, Rafael Mihailov Exhibition Halls, Veliko Tarnovo, BG
2019 Balkan Performance Tour – reLIGHT action, Casa Artelor, Timișoara, RO
2018- 2019 THE CROSS. From Community to Communion. 100 Crosses, 100 Years. 21.10.2018 The Timișoara Art Museum, Timișoara, RO / 29.11.2018 Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urban Planning, Bucharest, RO / 20.11.2019 Arthus Gallery, Bruxelles, BE
2018 Wittgenstein 1918 – 2018, WITTGENSTEIN HAUS, Vienna, AT
2018 Hidden Paradise, Noima & Constantin Flondor at 12-14 contemporary (Vienna Art Week 2018), Vienna, AT
2018 NOIMA 15, Romanian Cultural Institute in Budapest, HU
2018 LABORATORY, Spazi Aperti 16th edition, Romanian Academy in Rome, IT
2018 NOIMA (15 ANNI) SUL MURO, Romanian Institute of Culture and Humanistic Research Venice, IT
2017-2018 ROAD SHOW EAST / 8.11.2017, Knoll Gallery, Budapest, HU / 24.02.2018, Pygmalion Gallery, Timișoara, RO / 27.02.2018, Ostavinska Gallery, Belgrade, RS / 28.02.2018, Greta Gallery, Zagreb, HR / 1.03.2018, The National Institute of Chemistry, Ljubljana, SI / 2.06.2018, 12-14 Contemporary Gallery, Vienna, AT
2017 Noima - Recent Paintings, V8 Plattform, Karlsruhe, D
2017 The Garden in My Eyes, Noima & Elisabeth Ochsenfeld at Arthouse Wolfsberg Garana, RO
2016 Unilted, V8 & Noima, Multicultural Center of Transilvania University, Braşov, RO
2016 dLight, 12-14 Contemporary, Vienna, AT
2015 - 2016 Projektraum Donau, Representation of Baden-Württemberg to the European Union, Bruxelles, B / Landhaus, Sankt Pölten, AT / Hochschule für Kommunikation und Gestaltung, Ulm, D / V8 Plattform, Karlsruhe, D / Friday Exit space, Vienna, AT
2016 Where the wind takes us, Noima & Constantin Flondor at RKI Wien Galerie, Vienna, AT
2015 Fire, 28 Gallery, Timişoara, RO
2015 One Step Beyond, Schleifmühlgasse 12-14, Vienna, AT
2014 Inside Out, Space of The Order of Architects, Braşov, RO
2012 -2014 Annotations I, II, III, GACV, Bucharest, RO / 28 Gallery & Attic Gallery, Faculty of Arts and DesignTimișoara, Timisoara, RO / Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, RO
2009 From Form to Concept, The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca, RO
2008 The Five Painters are My Friends, Helios Gallery, Timișoara, RO
2007 Lipova City Museum, RO
2007 - Atelier, German Cultural Center, Timișoara, RO
2004 The Art Museum of Arad, RO
2004 28 Gallery & Anastasia, Timișoara, RO
2004 First NOIMA exhibition, The Joys Literay Café, Arad, RO

2012 Annotations – Painting Lessons / Constantin Flondor and Noima group - Romanian Cultural Institute
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