land art action
Sirnea, Brasov - RO

Sunday, 21.11.2021
twine, gardening tools, hominy, earth, branches
800 x 800 cm
concept: Constantin Flondor
made by NOIMA

Constantin Flondor: Snowflake is nothing but the message of the stars on earth. A message that comes from heaven in a fascinating harmony and is offered to us. It is an abstraction, because it is abstract from reality, an essence. My sensitivity to snowflake is related to the resumption of older thoughts in analogy with the symbol for Sky and Sieve. I found in Mihai Eminescu's Fragmentarium the following wonderful observation: "The Byzantine cross is like a snowflake, a tiny representation of the universe." He makes the relationship that I also use, between the snowflake and the critical sign. I transpose with joy and admiration, it is a kind of homage to the nature of this world, created by the Divine power, but at the same time I pay homage to artists such as Klee or Leonardo.

Ciprian Bodea, Cosmin Frunteș, Dan Gherman, Andrei Rosetti, Sorin Scurtulescu

Special thanks to Radu Frunteș, Ovidiu Bădescu, Galleria28

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