Rafael Mihailov Exhibition Halls, Veliko Tarnovo - BG

part of the travel exhibition Wittgenstein 2019

curator: Denise Parizek

Tuesday, 17.10.2019

1 convention,
4 artists,
4 bidimensional surfaces (30x42cm/each),
4 or more brushes, pencils or some other tools,
4 or more ink containers (acrilic colours, coffee, wine or some other paint),
4 archives each containing: a photo of the work (report), a making of video, the waybill or other shipping documents,
4 abstract reports,
4 envelopes.

Roles and actions:

One subject - the WITNESS - that looks out the window, observing “the sight” - visual details or just thoughts coming in to mind. The sight will become a story, encoded in spoken numbers and words and recorded in an audio file. The moment and the palce of the sight are chosen by the Witness. This on-the-spot recording will be forwarded to another subject - the REPORTER - in order to prepare a partial report. Actually, the Reporter will translate “the story” in accordance with a pre-established convention. Each NOIMA artists (Sorin Scurtulescu, Ciprian Bodea, Cosmin Fruntes, Andrei Rosetti) in this game plays both the Witness and the Reporter. All partial reports will be sent to another subject - the CURATOR (Denise Parizek) - by mail. All archives will also be sent online. The Curator decides how each partial report will be used. The final REPORT will be present in the exhibition. If any of the partial reports does not reach the destination, the Curator may choose to expose some archive sequences.

NOIMA project:
Sorin Scurtulescu, Cosmin Fruntes, Ciprian Bodea, Andrei Rosetti

Participating artists in the Wittgenstein 2019:
Mandarina Brausewetter (Photography), Zarko Aleksic (Installation), Àgnes Hamvas & Hubert Hasler (Installation), Michael Koch (Video), Lily Koto Olive (Drawings), Adelina Popnedeleva ( Light Sculputure), Yukika Kudo (Video), Oscar Cueto (Videoinstallation), Svetlana Mircheva (Transparent or Installation), Eva-Maria Schartmüller (Video Installation), Ilian Savkov (DigitalDrawings), Maria Grün (Photography), NOIMA (Action Game), Borjana Ventzislavova (Video), Franz Wassermann (Frottage), Valentina Lapcheva (Painting)

In cooperation with ACF Sofia / Austrian Embassy Sofia / Austrian Library Veliko Tarnovo / Exhibition Halls Rafael Mihailov. Financial support: Austrian Embassy Sofia,, own funds
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