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The association, in an exhibition, of Andrei Rosetti, Sorin Scurtulescu and Sorin Neamţu

is not only a sign of spiritual closeness, dating back to their years of apprenticeship, but

also reveals despite apparent differences an artistic affinity and a type of similarity of

visions. Their quests resemble some threads which, in their irregular ways, eventually

meet and come together, following a common course.


What unites the three artists is their continuous struggle to find a way into painting,

the tenacious fight with raw materials, which they are striving to transform into refined

matter, spiritualized by the act of creation. In the desire to recreate this process, they

start step by step from the easiest and most convenient model, which they analyze by

decomposing shape, in order to find essences hidden within the matter.


Subjects are apparently devoid of grandeur, going down in the anonymity of ordinary

things or even in that of the unimportant ones. It is in these harmless forms, which

usually go unnoticed, that the matter worthy of being transformed and spiritualized by

the creative effort seems to hide.


Whereas Andrei Rosetti’s inspiration comes from landscape and Sorin Neamţu’s from

oversized still life, Sorin Scurtulescu’s favorite motif is, for some time, the nude. Based

on the study of the human figure, an old theme and a challenge for any artist, he wishes

to overcome the actual formal representation and to make a conceptual analysis of this



The three young painters complete one another and are thus united by the desire to

experiment with less investigated ways and not to become subject to the pressure of

easy images, “fashionable”, which might shock through the visions borrowed from the

new media. They try to remain in the field of purely pictorial experiments without

amazing the viewers, or at least in no other way than by their powerful insight.


(fragments from the exhibition text by Ileana Pintilie)


Curator: Ileana Pintilie


Sorin Scurtulescu, Sorin Neamțu, Andrei Rosetti

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