painting performance
Romanian Cultural Institute, Budapest - HU

Performative painting session at the NOIMA 15 exhibition finissage organized by Romanian Cultural Institute Budapest and NOIMA. Acrylic on paper.

Two artists wearing black and white painted shirts (made in a previous NOIMA action named ON THE HILL). Two boxes of black and two boxes of white paint. Two long brushes.

All the process starts from the memory of the group meetings in the Piatra Craiului mountains next to the Fire of Sumedru, la Șirnea. Starting from both ends of a 15x0.45-metter paper strip, as they slowly move forward, the painters are making simple painting gestures on paper. Black gestual lines suggesting a structure of dry and broken branches of brushwood. Right in the middle of the path, the painters will begin to use the white paint. The white brushstrokes appear as sparks of fire that light the branches painted by the other.

Curator: Horațiu Lipot
Cosmin Frunteș, Andrei Rosetti

Special thanks: Eunicia Trif and Szentannai Ágota - Romanian Cultural Institute Budapest

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