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2012 Publication: Annotations – Painting Lessons / Constantin Flondor and Noima group
Romanian Cultural Institute ICR Publishing House ISBN 978-973-577-630-5 382 p

2012 -2014 Exhibitions & talks: Annotations I, II, III, GACV, Bucharest, RO / 28 Gallery & Attic Gallery, Faculty of Arts and Design Timișoara, Timisoara, RO / Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, RO

Constantin Flondor, Ciprian Bodea, Dan Gherman, Andrei Rosetti, Sorin Scurtulescu
Together with: Sorin Neamţu, Róbert Köteles, Liliana Mercioiu Popa, Hieromonk Pantelimon Şuşnea
Talks (speakers - Attic Gallery, Faculty of Arts and Design Timișoara, Timisoara, RO): Dan Haulică, Coriolan Babeţi (skype - New York), Ileana Pintilie, Oliv Mircea, Cornel Ungureanu, Ioan Vultur, Robert Şerban, Vică Tilă Adorian, Sorina Jecza, Andreea Palade Flondor, Dacian Andoni, Nicolae Velciov

“Annotations” are the result of the joint work between the painter – teacher ConstantinFlondor with those who later formed the ”Noima” group, and together with several other former students with further interesting paths. This collaboration was achieved, on the one hand, through the nature of the painting workshop of the Fine Arts Academy in Timisoara. On the other hand, and over the years, the book – album project involved a regrouping, a joint effort of documentation, recall, of editing and lay outing of common memories, of passes, and some of the present facts. The first part of the work is graviting around some facsimiles – pages from the teaching books of C. Flondor. These are accompanied by educational texts, annotations (thoughts and workshop memories) of some of the former students and works carried out during the study. All these highlight four important themes in Flondor pedagogy: Painting in layers, Between representation and symbol, Number and geometry and Perspective … Renaissance … Convention and truth.

Remembering of these topics is followed by mirroring their content (images and testimonials) into the workshop concerns of C. Flondor. Then comes an inventory of project contributors through their own workshops perspective and through the path of the NOIMA group. This inventory is punctuated by rows signed by Ileana Pintilie, Costion Nicolescu, Marius Lazurca and Marie-Jeanne JuteaBadescu. Although based on data of pedagogical documentation, the project rather transforms itself into a celebration of the art of painting gracefully meeting its poetics. Painting, with its patina vocabulary, becomes the feast substance, the binder of friendship.

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