Author: Denise Parizek
Context: Exhibition - Schleifmuhlgasse 12-14 Gallery, Vienna, 2015

Curating a 3 day show gives consideration to all the NOIMA Group’s facets and achievements, including the solo artists, is challenging, but thrilling. What I spotted first, was a transformation of styles, the trespassing of borders, the groups urge to fathom art theory in practical environment, the one step beyond. For there are several strings leading to NOIMA’s universe, I suggested to connect them to diverse forms of presentation and communication. The main display is located in the exhibition space Schleifmühlgasse 12-14: a permanently lighted window. Inside we will establish a narrative space, presenting the history of NOIMA group and their development. Text, sketches, drawings and documentation of former projects are positioned in the middle of the exhibition space. Emerging out from this midpoint different strings are leading to the individuals, the members of the group, Ciprian Bodea, Sorin Scurtulescu, Cosmin Fruntes and Andrei Rosetti.

Watching the NOIMA group, it seems that working together helps reflecting an issue, and encourages to try out various interpretations and visualization on one topic. Painting is only one side of the used media, NOIMA is using video, photography, sculpture as well as performance.

Being an artist can lead to autistic character traits, living closed in between studio walls or tagged to a computer. After an artist has left the academy real life starts with lonesomeness, questions, self reflections and rare answers. Gathering to a group is a logical idea, but hidden fears, shyness or mistrust are some of the reasons, why co-operations often end before starting something big.

You will find an exception in NOIMA Group, based in Romania. All of the members studied in TimiÈ™oara at the Fine Arts Academy, where they settled as group. NOIMA was founded in 2003 by Sorin Scurtulescu, Andrei Rosetti, Ciprian Bodea, Dan Gherman, Sorin NeamÈ›u and Sorin Oncu. NOIMA made its debut in 2004 at The Joys Literay Café, Arad. In the same year, the first exhibition under the NOIMA name/brand took place at Galeria 28 in TimiÅŸoara. At the moment, NOIMA has the following active members: Sorin Scurtulescu, Andrei Rosetti, Ciprian Bodea, Cosmin FrunteÅŸ.

Even if the NOIMA artists are traveling, exhibiting and working on projects together, all of them have at least two additional duties: working as an artist on own projects and working for money, for feeding the families. The reason, why they maybe complicate their lives by founding a group, was and actually is the consciousness of being stronger, louder, more significant and aware of following an objective and establishing on an international market when working together.

Ismen in fine arts, as well as manifests, mostly complicate group activities. Decisions hardly can be made in non-hierarchical groups. Still, they are rare but existing: successful groups in contemporary art history (for example Gelitin). You will find many reasons against gathering and cooperating, but more convincing arguments speak for copying the practize of NOIMA and establishing a group with the only goal to make art, to have more power, to bundle the energy, be stronger as a group, and to have an exchange – which will prevent you from getting too autistic.

One of the special character of each solo artist is the development from natural forms in an expressive way to abstract paintings or vice versa. Following a common project helps in reflecting the issue, and try out various interpretations and visualization on one topic. Painting is only one side of the used medias, mostly following their own tracks the media is changing, they are using video, photography, sculptures as well as performances, with which Sorin Scurtulescu startet in London in 2013.

I choose the fragile installation E574 EXPERIMENT by Cosmin Fruntes, combined with the wall relief, BURNED FIELD, a mixed media installation and the collage FUSION. The objective is to show the artist’s wide range of working in contemporary fine arts while still being based in painting. Fruntes’ main interest in that variety is to stretch the second dimension out into the third.

CONVEX CONCAV is a series by Ciprian Bodea, which deals with triggering the brain and reflecting on the usual way of seeing. Bodea experiments with structure, perspective and textural effects as well as with shadow and light. The same approach he uses when he is painting. I choose 360° Schleifmühlgasse for pointing out the relations between graphical projections and paintings.

The PLASTIC BAG SHOE PROJEKT demonstrates how so called private experiences lead to fine art projects. From an incident in daily life, walking through the rain without proper shoes, Sorin Scurtulescu developed a new artificial style of “Wellingtons”.To that I will oppose blurred ink drawings, NIGHT OUT and NIGHT IN VENICE compiled with a 360° painting of Schleifmühlgasse 12-14 EX LOCATION VIENNA. The three art works are different in media, but together perfectly represent the artist’s approach.

The Photographs by AndreI Rosetti are blurred and foggy, like a breeze of cold air. The title of the series, SWEATRAINDIRT evokes a social level behind the surface. The images can be read as reminding of social housing ghettos as well as of lonely lovers left in the middle of nowhere. It depends on the spectator which story shows up.
The paintings appear clearer, more structured. Their resemblance to architecture draft the desire to look behind the facade.

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