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Alba-Iulia, Iasi, Sibiu, Cluj-Napoca, Timisoara, Bucuresti, Craiova – RO / Chisinau - MD / Bruxelles - BE
2017 – 2019

The exhibition brings together works by forty Romanian artists, among whom are some of the most prominent names in the world of Romanian contemporary art. The theme of the Cross is challenging for today's society. By approaching it through an inner quest and not imposing it as a slogan, the artists highlight the living essence of this idea, of this reality, which has been aged by times. Inevitable suffering accepted with forgiveness and love - this is a road that we no longer know how to pursue. Yet, it would be the one that can bring us all together. This is the idea that the exhibition wishes to develop. In 2018, the exhibition joined the events that celebrated the centenary of the Great Union of the provinces which were home to Romanian people, then (in 2019) the events commemorating 30 years since the fall of the communist regime in Romania. It has been associated with these two moments in order to emphasize the importance of a spiritual dimension that has proven to be a guardian of human beauty and solidarity despite the vicissitudes of history.

Apparently paradoxical, the two forces of the Cross, love and forgiveness, create the premises of an attitude that preserves identity while at the same time being tolerant, thus laying the basis for real and deep communication. Too brief a reference to this theme, however, runs the risk of creating a rigid theory. The poetry and strength of the most subtle art are able to capture its complexity and to awaken in the viewer the consciousness of freedom.

Each of the nine editions of the exhibition, although possessing a core of common works, was different with regard to the arrangement of the exhibits, which created new relationships between them and brought to light the multiple meanings of each object and of the exhibition as a whole. The author of the arrangement and an essential contributor to the concept of the exhibition is Ion Grigorescu. Ion Grigorescu is one of the most important contemporary Romanian artists, who has expressed himself through various means - painting, photography, film, performance, installation - and has for long been renowned for his inquiring and experimental approach to art.

(fragments from the Bruxelles exhibition press release - Arthus Gallery, 2019 November)

Curator: Ion Grigorescu

Exhibiting artists:
Horia Bernea, Mihai Horea, Vasile Gorduz, Paul Gherasim, Marin Gherasim, Gheorghe Berindei, Ion Nicodim, Ion Grigore, Péter Jecza, Dacian Andoni, Alexandru Antonescu, Teona Antonescu, Ana Maria și Mihai Ariciu, Ovidiu și Ștefana Bădescu, Ilie Boca, Ioan Burlacu, Mircea Cantor, Toma Chituc, Delia Corban, Cristian Dițoiu, Marian Dobre, Remus Dragomir, Sorin Dumitrescu, Andreea Flondor Palade, Constantin Flondor, Cosmin Frunteș, Mariana Gheorghiu, Dan Gherman, Ana-Maria Goilav, Ion Grigorescu, Ruxandra Grigorescu, Ana Guduruza, Angela Hanc, Gheorghe Ilea, István Kancsura, Matei Lăzărescu, Vasile Lefter, George Mircea, Dan Mohanu, Grupul Noima, Silviu Oravitzan, Valeriu Paladi, Marius Pandele, Christian Paraschiv, Horea Paștina, Ovidiu Paștina, Ioan Popa, Grigore și Mirela Popescu-Muscel, Cristian Porumb, Silvia Radu, Andrei Rosetti, Mihai Sârbulescu, Valentin Scărlătescu, Daniela Scurtulescu, Sorin Scurtulescu, Ovidiu Simionescu, Șerban Sturdza, Su Yan, Dorin Ștefan, Ana Gurduza, Paul Timofei, Viorel Toma, Constantin Țînteanu, Zoe Vida Porumb, Bogdan Vlăduță, Simion Zamșa, Tudor Zbârnea, Doru Zaica, Ion Zderciuc, Nicolae Muntean, Teo & Ioana Bindea

Other events were organized during the exhibitions, including conferences held by: Professor Ioan Aurel Pop, the president of the Romanian Academy, the writer Horia-Roman Patapievici, Father Constantin Coman, professor at the Faculty of Theology in Bucharest, Father Ioan Cojanu, abbot of “St. John the Baptist” Monastery in Alba Iulia and a lot of other invited speakers, priests and theologians, historians, art critics, architects, painters.

2017 Alba-Iulia Carolina Citadel Gate III Gallery, RO
2018 Iași – The Palace of Culture RO / Sibiu – The House of Arts RO / Chișinău - The National Museum of Fine Arts MD / Cluj-Napoca - The Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania and The Art Museum of Cluj-Napoca RO / Timișoara – Timișoara Art Museum RO / Bucharest - "Ion Mincu" University of Architecture and Urbanism in Bucharest RO
2019 Craiova – The University of Craiova RO / Bruxelles – Arthus Gallery BE

NOIMA exhibited a collective drawing from the TRIANGLES actions and personal works (paintings) also.

Ciprian Bodea, Cosmin Frunteș, Dan Gherman, Andrei Rosetti, Sorin Scurtulescu

The exhibition is organized by ELEON Association from Alba Iulia – Romania (, with the support of many local, national and international institutions.

Photo © Constantin Tinteanu, Eleon, Noima

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