travel exhibition
Budapest - HU / Timisoara - RO / Belgrade - RS / Zagreb - HR / Ljubljana - SI / Vienna - AT
2017 - 2018

Artists Agnes Hamvas and Hubert Hasler were traveling through eastern parts of the European Union and parts who are not even member of like Serbia, to collect contemporary positions of fine art and to bring them over borders to diverse destinations.

The first objective of the two artists (coming from different European countries and having different social contexts) was the interaction with the same subjects they meet on their journey. Hamvas and Hasler’s second objective was to explore diversity, common historical roots, language, and borders. Traveling along the East side of the European Union and Serbia (not yet in the EU), the artists seized the opportunity of collecting contemporary art positions and to bring them over borders to diverse destinations in order to display them in every exhibition-stop along the journey.

The event was successfully achieved with the contribution of the Austrian Cultural Forum. The exhibition was organized in several spaces and the participating artists managed to combine successfully a great variety of means of expression such as photography, video, static projection, unconventional material, and performance design.

Participating artists:
Amalie Atkins, Ágnes Hamvas, Hubert Hasler, Jelena Micić, NOIMA, Dragoș Hanciu, Gani Llalloshi, Andraš Nagy, Adrijan Karavdić, Jiri Kocića, Michael Koch, Siniša Labrović, Bojana Stamenković, Levente Kozma, Virgilius Moldovan

NOIMA project in the Road Show East: Three Act Circle - action & multimedia installation
Sorin Scurtulescu, Andrei Rosetti, Ciprian Bodea, Cosmin Fruntes

Cooperation Partners: Casa Artelor - Galeria Pygmalion - Timișoara, Galerija Ostavinska - Belgrade, Galerija Greta - Zagreb, Knoll Galéria - Budapest, Chemical Institute – Ljubljana, 12-14contemporary - Vienna
Supported by BKA Kunst, ACF Bucharest, Budapest, Belgrade
Special thanks: Agnes Hamvas & Hubert Hasler – artists / Denise Parizek – art historian and curator

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