part of the travel exhibition “WITTGENSTEIN 1918-2018”, collective project
curators: Denise Parizek / Mina Antova / Oscar Sanchez
Tuesday, 04.12.2018

Let's start from some of the examples presented by Wittgenstein (Philosophical
Investigations) in order to “review the multiplicity of language-games”: giving orders,
and obeying them / describing the appearance of an object, or giving its measurements /
constructing an object from a description (a drawing) / reporting an event / presenting
the results of an experiment in tables and diagrams / play-acting / translating from one
language into another...

1 convention,
2 artists,
2 canvases (120x90cm/each),
2 brushes,
2 acrilic colours (black/white),
2 abstract reports.

Roles: 1. The Storyteller - one subject sitting in the fixed point, wearing a backpack canvas on his shoulders, telling different words and numbers (loud, clear, in syllables). 2. The Reporter translaiting “the story” into abstract signs on the Storyteller backpack canvas, in accordance with a pre-established convention. Both artists in this game (everyone at his turn) plays the Storyteller, the Reporter. The result/report will be two backpack canvases compositions with signs “written” in a language which will remain ambiguous out of the specific form of life (game context). The canvases will be carried on the performers back throughout the entire evening event (after the game is over).

Special thanks: Sorin Pănuş / Altwienerhof Apartments Wien

Funding sources:
BKA Kunst / Wien Kultur / Stadtteil Kultur
Cooperation Partners:
Haus Wittgenstein, Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut / Union of Bulgarian Artists / Wittmann / Österreichische Friedrich und Lillian Kiesler-Privatstiftung
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Sorin Scurtulescu, Cosmin Fruntes


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