Casa Artelor, Timisoara - RO


Àgnes Hamvas & Hubert Hasler
Jagica Emilia & Tomin Kis Anikó

curated by Denise Parizek
Producer & Meta Spatiu

Friday, 01.02.2019

15 years ago NOIMA started here in this city. In 2014 we decided to figure our group as an organism, a living system. To play with the words life form – form of life. A collective eye that adapts to a new place, to a particular context. We now interact with each place trying to find the right game to play there. A new language game with specific rules that will generate a new trace, a new drawing.

We want to continue here in Timișoara our attempts to investigate the possibilities offered by this adaptive and collective perspective. As we did in our past actions: Bringing Light, dLIGHT, Common Fields, Horizons, Breaking, Three act Circle, Garden, On the HILL, Brushwood, Report... We think of many thoughts. We're wondering where we are now? What kind of place is this? What game could we play here? What common goal might appear? We have a passage to an old craftsman's place. Here some old printers worked. There was a library in the past. Many thoughts about a place that has its light, sometimes hidden, sometimes at sight. Let’s play!

NOIMA project:
Ciprian Bodea, Cosmin Frunteș, Andrei Rosetti, Sorin Scurtulescu

Special Thanks:
BKA Kunst / Austiran Cultural Forum Bucharest / Austrian Cultural Forum Beograd / Meta Spatiu / Mirela Vladuti / Casa Artelor / Kulturni Centar LAB / Ostavinska Galerija
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Photo © Dana Moica, Daliana Iacobescu - Casa Artelor

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