painting performance
Forest in Bunesti, Arges - RO

360º sessions.
Three artists. One tree (axis) almost in the middle of a meadow. We moved five steps from that axis in different directions to have three fixed points of view - a triangle.
Game rule: one field of view (one eye) and two painting tools (the hands) at the same time. Everyone in this game (at his turn) played the eye. The other two were the hands/tools. Standing in his 5 steps point and observing the space around the meadow, the eye followed the intersections between the horizons lines and the trees. The eye told the tools where to mark this intersection on the trees. We used natural lime white paint. The result was a 360 degrees environment art study summing three fields of view in one.

Sorin Scurtulescu, Ciprian Bodea, Andrei Rosetti

Photo © C. Bodea

Photo © S. Scurtulescu

Photo © S. Scurtulescu

Photo © S. Scurtulescu

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