Altwienerhof Hotel, Vienna - AT

Three subjects in the Altwienerhof Hotel garden. One fixed point of view. Grey, yellow and blue square paper notes and push pins.

Roles: 1. The (Gardener) Eye - one subject sitting in the fixed point of view, making a gesture with both hands. The hands stands fixed in the viewer cone of vision. 2. The (Gardener) Hands – one subject moving through the garden, pining square paper notes. 3. The Brother – one subject watching “the game” from (a window) up above – the neutral point of view.

Game rules: Everyone in this game (at his turn) plays the Eye, the Hands, the Brother. Each turn is associated with a color. Like in Dürer’s Draughtsman of the Lute, the Hands marks the projection (from the fixed point of view) of the Eye finger tips in the garden space. The Brother writes (notes, draws) what he sees from above.

Ciprian Bodea, Cosmin Fruntes, Andrei Rosetti

Photo © Horatiu Lipot, Noima

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