V8 Plattform für neue Kunst, Karlsruhe – DE



Celebrating 25 years of twinning of the cities of Timisoara and Karlsruhe, the NOIMA Group, was invited to exhibit in the V8 contemporary art plattform space. Figuring our group as a sum of artistic personalities this time (most of them developed in the painting school Timisoara of the ’90s – 2000), we have proposed to the Karlsruhe public some sequences of our recent personal painting approaches. The event was supported by the City Halls of the twin cities and it was included in the Karlsruhe Galleries Day schedule.

Ciprian Bodea, Sorin Scurtulescu, Cosmin Fruntes, Andrei Rosetti, Dan Gherman

Special thanks to Franziska Degendorfer, Alexander Frohberg, Michael Grudziecki, Daniel Wogenstein, Philipp Joswig


Photo © Noima